Consign in 3 clicks

You know what?

consignment has never been so easy

1. Choose items to sell

Consign anything from Zara to Louis Vuitton,

provided its in good condition.

2. Take few pictures

Make sure its clear and clean so

your consign looks beautiful

3. Propose a price you desire

Get the price you want, depending

on condition and model.

4. Ship with a free shipping label

Don't worry about shipping costs!

Get a free prepaid shipping label

What can you consign?

"Your money is righ where you can see it... hanging in your closet!"


Hassle - free returns

Return for reasons including authenticity or misrepresentation are handled by us! You don't have to worry.

Items that are Inauthentic or misrepresented will be sent to TFS Headquarters for verification and if the claim is proved correct, buyer will get full refund.

Earn most on our street

You get 90% more for your itmes with our lowest commission

Tfs commission

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